Guest wifi and branch backup VPN redo

This post is about a situation I ran into a while ago and records my configs and testing for converting from a PBR setup to VRF on a Cisco 881 router with a diagram at the end.

Through a combination of configs involving PBR (Policy Based Routing) AKA Source Routing (as opposed to standard Destination Routing), Proxy Server exceptions, and Default Route/missing Default Route it was impossible to get to internet facing apps/sites over guest wifi or branch backup VPN.

I knew I could use VRF’s (Virtual Routing and Forwarding) to separate the traffic and solve the issue, but had to prove it to my team as they weren’t familiar with VRF’s. A Cisco router without VRF’s built only has the “global routing table”. VRF’s create separate instances of routing tables; one for each VRF, while leaving the global in place.

IOS-XE comes with a mgmt-intf VRF by default for Continue reading...