NTP redesign

This post is about a bug that affected NTP (Network Time Protocol) and our redesign of the environment bypass the issue.


In this environment the core Cisco 7604 IOS routers were the NTP stratum 2 servers (x.x.x.123 because fun with port numbers). The IP was an HSRP standby IP. There were several downstream Linux NTP servers and Window Domain Controllers serving NTP to Windows clients. As unsupported Linux servers died their IP’s were just added to servers that were still alive. Eventually this got messy.

After the 7604 routers were replaced with a pair of ASR1006X we ran into some interesting issues. Windows users we no longer able to log. Turns out the Domain Controllers were falling out of sync. My Infoblox DDI servers also showed stale time. Users were eventually able to log into the Domain either before or after the Windows team changed their NTP config. The Continue reading...